Here We Go Again with Takata

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If you thought one recall for Takata airbag inflators was a nightmare, you're really not going to like this news from

"Honda is recalling over 11,600 older Honda Accords to once again repair problems originally cau … continue reading

Rodents Just Love Honda's Soy Wiring

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A lawsuit says the soy-coated, environmentally friendly electrical wiring used by Honda in 2012-2015 vehicles is irresistible to rabbits, mice, and other rodents. Soy vey.

When the lead plaintiff brought his 2014 Crosstour in for service, … continue reading

It's Been a Bumpy Ride for 2015 CR-V Owners

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The 2015 CR-V has widespread vibration problems that are so bad it's actually made some owners car-sick. Why all the shaking? This was Honda's first attempt at combining their direct-injected "Earth Dreams" engine with a continuou … continue reading

Are the Accord's Airbags Safe?

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If your fire extinguisher shot out liquid propane when you needed to put out a flame, you’d be surprised. If your door lock opened in the middle of the night just because it was windy out, you’d be confused. It’s scary when the things that … continue reading