CR-V Brings Back the Volume Knob

Car companies seem intent on squeezing in the latest and greatest technology into our cars, even when those technologies are an overall detriment to the driving experience. But there’s good news coming from Honda HQ.


[In 2015] Honda eliminated the volume and tuner knobs from the infotainment system. We are pleased to report that Honda has decided to bring back the most important of these two knobs, and the volume knob is back where both the driver and passenger can put it to good use.

That’s right, Honda is bringing back the volume button (and there was much rejoicing). Call me old fashioned, but I live in the great white north and want to be able to control my car’s volume while wearing the type of gloves that stop my fingers from falling off. So thank you, Honda. Not everything has to be a touch screen.

Your move, Tesla.