China Rejects Honda’s Recall Plan for CR-Vs With High Oil Levels and Fuel Odors

There is something funky about Honda’s new Earth Dreams engine, especially in cold-weather climates. A growing number of complaints involve high oil levels and the strong smell of gas inside the cabin of the CR-V and, to a lesser extent, the Civic.

The automaker says the cold climate and short trips cause condensation and excess fuel vapors if the engines don’t have time to reach temperatures that would normally burn off the contaminants.

Honda says excess fuel builds up and stays in the oil pan where it would normally evaporate and recycle through the combustion chamber of the engine.

Honda planned on recalling the affected vehicles, which would have involved:

  1. Updating the gasoline injection software to adjust the ignition and fuel-injection timing to more effectively burn off excess fuel.
  2. Extending the warranty to six years

While that sounded like a step in the right direction, Chineese officials shut the recall down and want a more comprehensive solution. A stop-sale has been issued for all new CR-Vs in the country until officials approve a new recall.