Common 2008-2012 Honda Accord Problems

Some of the worst issues 8th generation Accord owners have to deal with.

  1. Honda's Extremely Uncomfortable Seats

    An alarming number of people have complained that their late-model Honda has the most uncomfortable seats of any car they've ever owned. The problem seems to affect the 2008-2014 model years with a particular, back-crippling emphasis on the…

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  2. Excessive Oil Consumption

    One of the top complaints about the latest generation of Honda vehicles is how the V6 engines burn through an excessive amounts of oil. Mechanics did their best to place the blame on the owner's driving and maintenance habits, but it was cl…

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  3. Accord Premature Brake Wear

    The Accord is one of the most popular sedans on the road based on its reputation for dependability over the years. However owners of 2008 2009 Accords (and a small number of 2010 models) are up in arms over premature brake wear that is wide…

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What Owners Complain About

Sometimes it helps just to tally up the complaints and see where the biggest stacks are. Use this information to learn about troublespots or to run for the hills.

What Breaks the Most

Years to Avoid

8th Generation (2008–2012) Accord Key Numbers

  1. 5 model years

    Grouping all models by their year can reveal some baddies.

  2. 4,365 complaints

    Running tally of owner grievances filed to

  3. 53rd in reliability

    Overall reliability rank out of 58 eligible generations.

Recent 8th Generation (2008–2012) Accord News

There's a lot of news out there, but not all of it matters. We try to boil down it to the most important bits about things that actually help you with your car problem. Interested in getting these stories in an email? Signup for free email alerts over at

  1. The 4th phase of Honda’s Takata airbag recall is set to get underway next month.

    Honda says it has made a lot of progress with existing recall repairs because plenty of replace airbag inflators are available. The 77.7 percent completion rate out of nearly 13 million recalled vehicles has allowed Honda to issue the recall now instead of waiting until December. An automaker that’s actually ahead of schedule on a recall? What world is this?…

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  2. About 341,000 Honda Accords with Continental Automotive System airbags have been recalled.

    Honda says the 2008-2010 Honda Accords have airbags that can fail to deploy in a crash, something that has so far caused two injuries. Continental told Honda the problem is a defect in the electronic control unit of supplemental restraint system (SRS), all caused by moisture and corrosion.

    Recently, Continental announced they needed to recall 5 million airbags that were succeptible to corrosion. The airbags in question might fail to deploy in a crash.

    Honda doesn't expect parts to be ready until in the fall of 2016.…

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  3. If your fire extinguisher shot out liquid propane when you needed to put out a flame, you’d be surprised.

    If your door lock opened in the middle of the night just because it was windy out, you’d be confused. It’s scary when the things that are supposed to protect you fail.

    This is where we're at with Honda's airbags. These clouds of safety have turned into a stormy nightmare (and I'm not even talking about the Takata mess).…

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  4. The investigation into the 2008 Accord's overly sensitive airbags has been upgraded to an engineering anaylsis.

    The investigation found 293 reports of people shutting the doors and triggering the driver-side or passenger-side side curtain air bag, and even the side seat-mounted torso air bag. NHTSA found 14 people who allegedly were injured because of the air bags.

    The original investigation was opened back in February.

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  5. If you own a 2008 Accord you might want to think twice about slamming the doors.

    An investigation has been opened into claims that the airbags will deploy when the door is shut with any force. From

    Safety regulators have received 28 complaints alleging the side air bags can deploy when a front door is shut. The government says two injuries have been reported involving the driver or passenger side curtain air bag and the side torso/seat-mounted air bags.

    Sure, you've been hitting the gym more lately but this still shouldn't happen.

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What Accord Owners Say About This Generation

What's the Deal with Honda's Extrememly Uncomfortable Seats?

The driver's seat sucks. This 2008 Honda Accord is by far our best car for long trips, in terms of long term reliability of the car and gas mileage, but we still choose to drive our older car that has had some mechanical problems because the driver's seat in the Accord is so unbearable and leaves your back in pain for days.

2008 Accord Owner in SC

What's the Deal with Honda's Extrememly Uncomfortable Seats?

Just few minutes driving causes EXTREMELY painful legs, back, neck. The pain is unbelievable and feels like those very hard knife stabbing type sharp pains. After driving the car I am pretty much laid up for days!

2010 Accord Owner in NC

What's the Deal with Honda's Extrememly Uncomfortable Seats?

I have a love, hate relationship with my 2009 Accord EXL V6. As long as I am not traveling more than 50 miles round trip, I love to drive this car, any thing over 50 miles is Chiropractor time. It's not just the drivers seat, the passengers seat is even worse.

2009 Accord Owner in FL