Malaysia is Tired of Owners Ignoring Takata Warnings

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Scott McCracken
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Malaysia has had enough of people ignoring Takata airbag recall warnings, and will start imposing fines] on owners who don't get their recalled inflators fixed. Malaysian Transport Minister, Anthony Loke, made the announcement following confirmation of another death in a Honda vehicle that involved a ruptured Takata airbag inflator. Or in this case, Honda says two Takata airbag inflators ruptured in the same crash.

More About This News

  • While the official cause of death in the tragic accident hasn't been released, it seems likely that the infamous inflators are to blame.
  • It would be interesting to see US regulators take a similar approach, especially on these older Honda vehicles where the inflators are most likely to explode.
  • Honda has referred to these vehicles as "alpha" and has even taken to drastic measures by going door-to-door in an effort to make sure owners are aware of the dangers. To date, at least 21 people have been killed by Takta inflators.

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