Honda Canada Releases Statement About Earth Dreams Oil Dilution Problem

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Scott McCracken
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Honda Canada released a statement acknowledging "Irregularly High Oil Levels in Certain Honda Vehicles" on August 21, 2018. They say they are currently working on a counter-measure.

Honda Canada's Approach

Honda is hopeful that vehicle enhancements will be released to address this condition in the next several months. At this time, Honda has no reason to believe that this potential issue affects the safe operation of a vehicle or results in any regulatory non-compliance.

  • There have been no shortage of complaints about rising oil levels in vehicles with Honda's 1.5L direct-injection Earth Dreams engine, especially in cold-weather areas.
  • The engine has a tough time burning off excess fuel vapors. Those vapors build up and hitch a ride on the oil, eventually diluting it to the point that it trigers a check engine light and fills the cabin with fumes.
  • Honda USA knows there's a problem, but has taken a slightly different approach when it comes to keeping its customers in-the-loop.
Honda USA's Oil Dilution Response
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