Common Honda Steering Problems

  1. Power Steering Whine

    One of the more common complaints about Honda's power steering is how it can whine or groan everytime you turn the wheel. Turns out all that noise is due to air getting into the power steering system because of two, old O-rings. There's no …

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Where Steering Complaints Happen

Sometimes it helps just to tally up the complaints and see where the biggest stacks are. Use this information to learn about troublespots or to run for the hills.

What Honda Owners Say About Their Steering

2013-2015 Accord Investigated For Steering That Suddenly Pulls to One Side

After a couple hundred miles ... I noticed this car pulls hard to the left on the highway and on a lot of local roadways. Brought it in to the dealer where it was purchased and they re-did the alignment after finding the steering wheel was misaligned causing the vehicle to pull hard left ... Told me they test drove the vehicle and the alignment was within Honda's standard. Left the dealership and after a few longer highway trips and a lot of local roadways the vehicle still pulls hard left.

2015 Accord Owner

2013-2015 Accord Investigated For Steering That Suddenly Pulls to One Side

Since new, my Accord has pulled to the left signifigantly at highway speeds. Most of my driving is on the interstate to and from work 5 days a week (about 20 miles each way). I didn't notice it at first but then I started wondering why my left wrist was always hurting. Finally it dawned on me, I was fighting the damn steering wheel!

2015 Accord Owner

Recent Steering News

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  1. Honda is recalling a small number of 2017-2018 Civics and CR-Vs] because of a loose magnet in the electronic power steering system.

    How bad can a loose magnet be? “Unless it's properly secured, the magnet can dislodge and during a turn where the wheel is as far as it can go, the power steering assist will be applied in the opposite direction.

    Oh. I’m guessing that’s a jarring and unwelcome surprise.

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  2. how did Honda get off without having to fix the problem?

    By telling NHTSA what they wanted to hear:

    1. They said the issue can be traced to early production issues with torque sensors. Issues that were "quickly" resolved. No word on just how quick we're talking about here.
    2. They said most of those faulty sensors have already kicked the bucket ... at least they think. So nothing to worry about here, right?

    Well, NHTSA agreed. They said power steering failure was a "declining trend" and didn't warrant a recall. But of course they had to get one last jab under the ribs of owners:

    "The closing of [the investigation] does not constitute a determination that no defect exists."

    Gee, thanks guys. Full details about the investigation are available on

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