NHTSA Steers Clear of Recalling the Accord's Power Steering Problems

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Scott McCracken
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**There won't be a recall for electronic power steering issues in the 2013 Accord, even though Honda acknowledged the problem. Late last year the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened an investigation into sudden power steering loss in these cars. The defect racked up hundreds of complaints and was linked to at least two accidents:

"I was starting to drive after paying a toll on a bridge, when the car started jerking and the power steering went out. I could not control the car. Car turned 45 degrees and was hit by a Peterbuilt truck." --- 2013 Accord Owner

Even though complaints for this problem have continued to roll in --- and it's now been tied to nine accidents --- NHTSA closed their investigation. So how did Honda get off without having to fix the problem? By telling NHTSA what they wanted to hear:

  1. They said the issue can be traced to early production issues with torque sensors. Issues that were "quickly" resolved. No word on just how quick we're talking about here.
  2. They said most of those faulty sensors have already kicked the bucket ... at least they think. So nothing to worry about here, right?

Well, NHTSA agreed. They said power steering failure was a "declining trend" and didn't warrant a recall. But of course they had to get one last jab under the ribs of owners:

"The closing of [the investigation] does not constitute a determination that no defect exists."

Gee, thanks guys. Full details about the investigation are available on CarComplaints.com.

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