Honda Owners Feel Drained By Their Underpowered Batteries

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Scott McCracken
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Honda's batteries are such a drain. A new lawsuit suggests that the batteries in the 2017-2019 Accord and CR-V are simply too weak to run the car's electrical systems. Couple that with a parasitic drain and you've got yourself a killer combo if you're a big fan of curse words and walking to work.

About the Lawsuit

  • These battery problems can quickly add up. For example, one of the plaintiffs paid over $1,300 to replace multiple batteries and the alternator on a three-year old Accord. Unlike the batteries, they are more than a bit charged up.
  • A drained battery can cause all sorts of issues with safety features like hazard lights, headlights, and other electronics. Multiple owners have been locked out of their cars after the battery drained while sitting.
  • The case, Mastrangelo, et al., vs. American Honda Motor Co., Inc., et al. has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.
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Honda's Underpowered Battery is Subject to Parasitic Drains

Certain generations of Accord and CR-V vehicles chew through batteries. Leave one of these sitting a couple days and there's a good chance it won't start due to an underpowered battery, parasitic drains, and an ineffective battery charging

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