It's Been a Bumpy Ride for 2015 CR-V Owners

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Scott McCracken
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The 2015 CR-V has widespread vibration problems that are so bad it's actually made some owners car-sick. Why all the shaking? This was Honda's first attempt at combining their direct-injected "Earth Dreams" engine with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) to shake out some extra MPGs.

It worked. Unfortunately, it shakes everything else as well.

TSB 15-046→

Honda doesn't deny the problem. Earlier this year they sent a technical service bulletin (TSB) to dealerships titled "Vibration While Driving and/or Stopped in Gear".

The TSB outlines procedures for the dealer to verify the problem and one of three ways to possibly fix it.

Results have been mixed.

Class-Action Lawsuit→

Last year, a class-action lawsuit was filed by attorneys at Girard Gibbs, LLP on behalf of 2015 CR-V owners. The lawsuit says the vibration is distracting and can cause headaches, nausea, and back pain.

On January 19th, 2016 the firm filed a consolidated amended complaint saying that Honda was aware of the problem but neglected to inform consumers.

Next Steps

If you own a 2015 CR-V and are tired of the vibration issues:

  1. Add your complaint to our site. Your information helps us collect data that can be used in a case against Honda.
  2. Contact Girard Gibbs, LLP to receive additional updates about the case.

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