Brand New Pilots Have Two Recalls Already

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Scott McCracken
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The 2016 Pilot is having a hard time getting clearance for takeoff because despite being so new, the popular SUV has already been recalled twice.

2016 Pilot Needs a Software Upgrade →

Safety systems are great ... except when they fail. Warning lights for safety systems that fail are great ... except when they fail too. About 35,000 model year 2016 Pilots need a software update to get the warning lights working again. From

"Honda says safety systems could malfunction but not provide any warning indication. However, if the ignition is turned off and back on, the warning lights will start working again.

Ahh, the old "CTRL + ALT + DELETE" trick works every time. This recall will begin on November 27th, 2015. To see if your Pilot is recalled, visit out site.

2016 Pilot Recalled for Seat Belt Problems →

A small number of 2016 Pilots were recalled back in July 2015 for pinched seat belts in the 3rd row seats. Here's once again:

"The third row seat belt can become trapped between the rear seat and rear interior side panel."

Getting kids in and out of the car is hard enough. Having to check to see if the seat belt is pinched each time? Well that's just a pain in the rear bumper. Luckily this recall -- which began on August 6th -- fixes that. Full details are available on our site.

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