1. A consolidated lawsuit about 2015 CR-V vibrations is coming to an end, and there isn’t a recall or restitution in sight. Instead, I present to you the consumer outreach program.

    By agreeing to settle the lawsuit, Honda only agreed to start a "consumer outreach program" to let customers know about the 2015 technical service bulletin.…

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  2. Malaysia has had enough of people ignoring Takata airbag recall warnings, and will start imposing fines] on owners who don't get their recalled inflators fixed.

    Malaysian Transport Minister, Anthony Loke, made the announcement following confirmation of another death in a Honda vehicle that involved a ruptured Takata airbag inflator. Or in this case, Honda says two Takata airbag inflators ruptured in the same crash.…

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  3. Well, that didn't take long. An Illinois-based soy wiring lawsuit filed a few months ago has been dismissed.

    While the case tried to assert that Honda's "rodent tape" was an admission of a problem with their soy-based wire coating attracting rodents, the judge saw it as an act of good customer service.…

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  4. A lawsuit alleges that Honda's technology that is aimed at making us safer, is doing the exact opposite.

    Honda Sensing is essentially four different systems – lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, and collision mitigation braking assist. But the systems regularly cause numerous warning messages to intermittently appear, and the CR-Vs fluctuate their highway speeds without warning when adaptive cruise control is set.…

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  5. 2001-2002 Accord. 2001-2002 Civic. 2002 CR-V. 2002 Odyssey. 2003 Pilot. If you own one of these vehicles and you haven't replaced their Takata inflators, the next knock on your door could be from a Honda representitive.

    And you should answer ... it might just save your life.

    In addition to going door-to-door with about 550 teams of representatives, Honda says it has made more than 35 million phone calls to customers and sent more than 1 million text messages, trying to convince owners to get the vehicles repaired.

    Desperate times. Desperate measures.

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  6. When a 2015 Odyssey owner's van went up in flames, he called his insurance company and got a payout.

    That's usually how those things work. But after the payout, the insurance company turned around and sued Honda saying they should pay for the damagaes. What a world.…

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  7. The 2018 Pilot and Ridgeline have been recalled because of a dangerous seat issue.

    The seat rivets can fail to secure the seat slide rails to the forward part of the seats, something that could cause the front seats to separate from the floors in a crash.

    As if Honda owners didn't have enough to worry about during a crash.

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  8. What in the world is going on with the 2nd row seatbacks in the 2014-2016 Odyssey?

    They were recalled in December 2016 because they wouldn't stay put. They were [recalled][3] again in 2017 after 46 people suffered injuries. And guess what? It's now 2018 and they're getting [recalled][1] again. Again.…

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  9. When Michael Preston's 2015 Accord lost its power steering, he was concerned. When he found out it was because mice had chewed through his car's wires, he was pissed.

    His lawsuit, Michael Preston, et al., v. American Honda Motor Company, Inc. wants Honda to cover the problem for all 2013-2017 Honda owners and lessees in Illinois.…

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  10. There is something funky about Honda's new Earth Dreams engine, especially in cold-weather climates.

    A growing number of complaints involve high oil levels and the strong smell of gas inside the cabin of the CR-V and, to a lesser extent, the Civic.

    The automaker says the cold climate and short trips cause condensation and excess fuel vapors if the engines don't have time to reach temperatures that would normally burn off the contaminants.

    Honda says excess fuel builds up and stays in the oil pan where it would normally evaporate and recycle through the combustion chamber of the engine.

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