Insurance Company Pays Out Policy, Then Turns Around And Sues Honda for the Damage

When a 2015 Odyssey owner’s van went up in flames, he called his insurance company and got a payout. That’s usually how those things work. But after the payout, the insurance company turned around and sued Honda saying they should pay for the damagaes. What a world. From

According to the lawsuit, Honda breached warranties and was negligent because the automaker failed to manufacture a minivan that wasn’t defective. The lawsuit also alleges Honda had a duty to recall the Odyssey or it’s components to ensure the vehicle was safe.

The lawsuit really depends on the insurance company’s ability to prove that the Odyssey is a fire-prone spark wagon. Based on owner testimonials from they might have a case.

This 2011 Odyssey became a vankabob after only 9,000 miles. The owner of another 2011 said their battery replacement turned into a visit from the fire department. This 2009 went up in smoke while driving down the highway.

Now we wait to see if Honda will feel any heat about this in court.