Georgia Lawsuit Wants a Recall for Honda’s Oil Dilution Problems

A proposed class-action lawsuit says it’s time for Honda to take responsibility for the well documented problem of fuel entering the crankcase and diluting the oil in the 1.5L Earth Dreams engine.

According to the lawsuit, [2015-2018] Accord, Civic and CR-V owners are not told how the engine oil dilutes with the gasoline due to fuel entering the crankcases. The resulting fuel/oil dilution allegedly reduces the ability of the oil to lubricate the engines, causing premature wear and engine damage.

The scope of the lawsuit is currently limited to Georgia, but it could have national implications for this growing international problem.

Chinese officials have already issued a recall and stop sale of all new CR-Vs. Honda Canada, meanwhile, has released a statement saying they are aware of the issue and working on a counter-measure.

Your move, Honda USA.