Puerto Rico Man Sues Honda For Severe Injuries from a Takata Airbag Explosion

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Scott McCracken
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A Puerto Rico man has sued Honda after being severely injured by an exploding Takata airbag. Juan Carlos Veras-Rodriguez was driving a 2002 Acura 3.2 TL when his car "lightly bumped" another car in front. The Takata frontal airbag allegedly exploded and sent shrapnel into the plaintiff's face, chest and neck, allegedly causing severe lacerations.

More About This Lawsuit

  • The plaintiff's 2002 TL is on the “high risk” list which has Honda representatives going door-to-door in some areas urging owners to get the necessary repairs. but it’s possible they weren’t doing this in Puerto Rico.
  • The plaintiff says he received five recall notices one month after the accident.
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