Accord Hybrid Freaks Itself Out

Honda is recalling 6,786 Accord Hybrids because of software problems in the battery cell voltage sensor.

The battery sensors can get freaked out by electrical noise from the inverter or motor circuit, switch the car into “fail-safe” mode, and turn your sedan into a glorified go-kart. That’s because fail-safe shuts off the internal combustion engine, limits speeds to 40 mph and only gives you 2 miles before the battery drains and your car stalls out.

Sounds like a fun day if you’re a big fan of headaches and getting honked at.

The Recall Details

  • The recall is expected to begin on 11/06/2015
  • Honda dealers will update the hybrid software to stop misinterpreting the noise
  • The affected cars were built between 08/29/2013 — 05/30/2015 and are from the 2014-2015 model years

Full details about the recall and contact information for Honda are available on our site.