Lawsuit Says the 2015 CR-V Shakes as it Rattles and Rolls

2015 CR-V owners are sick and tired of their SUVs making them sick and tired. The combination of the continuously variable transmission (CVT) and the new “Earth Dreams” direct-injection engine has created a vibration nightmare.

Some owners say the vibrations are so bad, especially at low RPMs, they’re actually getting nauseous. Well, at least we know what the ‘V’ in CR-V stands for now.

CR-V Vibration Lawsuit Filed →

In June 2015, Vivian Romaya filed a lawsuit saying Honda violates its own warranties because:

  • The automaker knew about the problem before shipping the SUVs to dealers, but shipped them anyway.
  • Certified technicians acknowledge the problem exists, but don’t know how to fix it.

Vibration Lawsuit Gets It’s Day in Court →

It didn’t take long for a judge to hear the case in California. What’s strange here is that Honda isn’t denying the problem exists … heck, they made a video about it. However, the judge has to find out:

  • Did Honda not want to fix the issue because it was expensive and would risk losing some almighty MPGs?
  • Should Honda have told potential buyers about the problem? Or offer a buyback?
  • Where did I put my ginger gum and sea bands?

Honda Asks for Consolidation →

Once the lawsuits started piling up (it was six at last count and rising), Honda asked to bring all those suits together for one epic battle-royale:

“With 2015 Honda CR-V vibration lawsuits growing in number, the automaker requested all class-action lawsuits be consolidated before one California judge, something certain plaintiffs are against.”