Fit Owners Eligible to Get Free Bumper Upgrade

There were high hopes when it came time to test the front bumper of the 2015 Honda Fit in the IIHS’s newest, and most strenuous test – the small overlap frontal crash test. The previous five model years had all received a “poor” rating, so surely the redesigned 2015 Fit would fare much better!

Nope. Not only nope, but a big old pile of stinkin’ nope to be more accurate.

Instead of showing improvement, the bumper failed in ways that made even the Pinto cringe. First, a steel bar snapped and sent crash energy up towards the driver, causing what the IIHS calls a “severe intrusion” of the driver area. Ouch, sounds painful. To make matters worse, the steering column also moved upward enough to give the driver a nice little uppercut to the chin. You know, for a little added insult to injury.

If you’re a 2015 Fit owner, you’re probably squirming a bit in your seat. But I’m happy to report there’s some good news to come out of all this.

Honda Makes Improvement

Following that fit-show (see what I did there?) Honda made some important changes to the bumper, and in the process upgraded its safety rating from “poor” to “acceptable.”

In doing so, the 2015 can now be listed as an IIHS “Top Safety Pick.” Side note: if they had used that type of grading system when I was in school, I would have been valedictorian. But I digress…

The Replacement Program

Honda says they won’t issue an official recall, but they will notify all 12,000 Fit owners and tell them of the free bumper upgrade. Additionally, owners can contact Honda at 800-999-1009 with questions.