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      • Honda. Takata. Recall.

        Three words that I’m tired of typing and you’re sick of hearing about. Yet here we are with another recall of 1.3 million Honda and Acura vehicles with ticking tim...

  4. 2016

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      • A lawsuit says the soy-coated, environmentally friendly electrical wiring used by Honda in 2012-2015 vehicles is irresistible to rabbits, mice, and other rodents. Soy vey.

        When the lead ...

  5. 2014

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      • The 2015 Honda Fit’s A-pillar cover might fit a little too snuggly and interfere with the deployment of airbags. The A-pillar is that bar that sits between your windshield and front windows. In ...

    2. August

      • There were high hopes when it came time to test the front bumper of the 2015 Honda Fit in the IIHS’s newest, and most strenuous test – the small overlap frontal crash test. The previous five mod...

    3. June

      • With so much technology in cars nowadays, most modern recalls revolve around software bugs and module updates. Not the 2013 Fit though – it’s going old school with driveshaft failure that will d...