1st Generation (1993—1997) Del Sol Problems

This generations ranks 4th out of 63 Honda generations in reliability and is one of the safer bets out there. Owners have the most complaints about the interior (25%), body (25%), and the electrical (25%). We've listed some of the most recent complaints below, see them all on CarComplaints.com.

  1. Interieur Door Panel Issues 1 complaints at an average of 10,000 miles in the 1993 Honda Del Sol.
  2. Targa Top Leaks 1 complaints at an average of 12,345 miles in the 1993 Honda Del Sol.
  3. Won\'t Shift Out of Neutral 1 complaints at an average of 112,000 miles in the 1995 Honda Del Sol.

What Del Sol Year is Most Reliable?

Generations are a good baseline for prediciting reliability, but there will almost always be year-to-year differences. We've calculated a reliability score for each model year within this generation, but we've based that score on how the model year compares to all Honda model years.

Watch out for the 1993 model year which has the highest PainRank™ score in this generation.

Year Complaints Recalls TSBs PainRank (?)
1997 0 5 5 0.0
1996 0 5 4 0.0
1995 2 5 4 0.49
1994 0 6 4 0.0
1993 2 5 6 1.01

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